About the School

Phoenix Rising Alternative School serves students in Tulsa County, grades 9–12, who are involved with, or are at high risk for, involvement with the juvenile justice system. Typically, PRAS students have not experienced success in traditional public school settings and find PRAS to be a restorative pathway for their educational and life journey. PRAS is a partnership between the Tulsa County Family Juvenile Justice Center and Tulsa Public Schools.

The Curriculum

The focus of PRAS is on both social/emotional growth, and academic needs which are offered through each student’s individualized learning plan. PRAS seeks out innovative and student focused internships and enrichment opportunities for youth to experience on campus, and within the community. In addition, emphasis is placed on students’ interests and strengths, leadership skills, goal setting, and workforce development. There are also intensive social/emotional supports and evidence based practices to enhance literacy and math skills provided on a multi-tiered level system. A multitude of unique accommodations and modifications support all learning, including extra support for diverse learners of all ranges.