Our mission is to empower students to rise above adversity by providing holistic and restorative justice resources. Our vision that each and every student feel loved and valued, giving them the strength and security they need to break cycles of intergenerational trauma.

The Need

The students of PRAS have an acute socioeconomic disadvantage in comparison to a majority of their peers. Many are referred to the school due to involvement with the juvenile justice system and may face additional barriers with learning disabilities, mental health issues, housing instability, substance abuse, domestic abuse or neglect, parental incarceration, and other forms of family separation. These combined risk factors can have a devastating impact on a student’s ability to graduate and fulfill their dreams. To address these barriers, the Foundation provides support in several different ways.

What We Fund

To ensure students stay engaged and graduate on time, we fund a number of programs and activities. Many programs enrich educational curriculum, but we also provide support for milestone events and emergency assistance. Past support has included: Classroom Supplies, Prom and Graduation, Technical Training, Certifications, Art and Music Enrichment, Field Trips, Individual Assistance, and Summer Programming.

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